Understanding SEO For Blogger and WordPress

Today I’m going to talk about blogger SEO
I know many of you might have heard about SEO, and many claim to the work of SEO. Though some might be real, But only few are real. The mystery about SEO tutorials  posted on web and some which are published on e-book is that “None of the  SEO experts is ready to reveal all the secrets they know about google ranking and SEO optimization” Why? Because of competition.
If you are running your blog on google Blogger, you did not miss your way. As most people advice bloggers to move to WordPress. Yes wordpress is one the best host to blog on. But if you are not ready to move to WordPress, believe me, you can make it big with Blogger.
We know about the richest blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji. You may know her, she is the owner of Lindaikejisblog. She made her first million on google blogger, and yet many Experts are there advising young blogger to move to wordpress.  For you to make it in blogger, you need to explore all the necessary things needed.
Before I proceed, Some of the newbies, still don’t know the full meaning of SEO, so I’m going to explain the acronym SEO in details.
What is SEO ?
The full meaning of this word SEO is nothing more than “Search Engine Optimization”.
Of course from the word phrase SEO, you have known that the need for SEO is to Optimize your site for it to be visible on search engine like Google and Bing.
According to Wikipedia, SEO the process of affecting online visibility of wesite or webpage search engine’s unpaid results often regarded as Natural ,Organic or earned result
Why SEO?
SEO Basics For New Blogger and WordPress
With good SEO, you can achieve your dreams on the web by reaching your audience with your content. Yes, generating traffic is one the major goals of bloggers worldwide. Why? After creating Quality Content on your blog/website, you cannot fold your arms and wait for visitors to bump into your site. Now take an example
Apple company produces new Mobile Phone, they will advertise their new product, in other to make the public aware of their new product. If they do not, they may not reach their customers.
SEO is one the major ways of reaching your audience.
Did You Know? that With good SEO, you can increase your google page ranking, and stand a chance to have your blog post displayed on googles’s first page and stand out from the crowd.
Just like WordPress, Blogger don’t have advanced SEO tool for easy use, but I will reveal to you the secrets to improve your SEO performance and drive thousands of traffic to your blogger and wordpress blog.
SEO Optimization For Blogger Blog
Blogger is one of the most used platform by many bloggers and industries to run their business or for affiliates marketing, because of it’s easy way to use and customize.
There are many things to be put in place by bloggers who run their business on google blogger. I’m going to list the them,
1   Custom Domain
2   Good Web Design
3   Head Tags
4   Quality Content
5   Interlinks
6   Backlinks
7   Social Media
8   Key Word research
9   Google Analytics
10 Search Console
I will be explaining All the above listed in details in my next post.
There are many things I’m going to talk about concerning SEO and Digital Marketing, which will reveal to you most secrets many SEO experts will not tell you about concerning Internet marketing and SEO stay tunned.

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