Current Jamb Syllabus For Jamb Candidates

Updated Jamb Syllabus.

As we all know, very soon Jamb examination will begin. We have posted about the things you need to know in order to get up to, and above 200 in your jamb examination result, and the step to take to achieve your dream of getting admission into tertiary institutions.

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To day I will share with you jamb syllables of the year.

What is Jamb Syllabus

For those that don’t know what jamb syllabus is, jamb syllabus is the areas in subjects that will be used to set jamb examination questions of the year.

Making use of Jamb syllabus will help to achieve your dream of scoring more than 200 in your jamb score, as it will give you areas to concentrate when preparing for jamb examination

Jamb syllabus is very broad, but you should try your best to cover as much as you can.

Below are the current jamb syllabus for all subjects.

Current Jamb Syllabus For Jamb Candidates

If you carefully make use of the above Jamb syllabus, and study harder, the sky will be your limit inĀ  Jamb examination. One of the major things that had made many to fail Jamb examination is not studying properly with the right strategy.

There things you need to consider if you are planning to write Jamb examination. Since jamb board started Computer based Examination, Jamb examination now have a strict limited time of 120 minutes (2 hrs) . Within this hours, you have to answer all the questions from the four subjects, including solving mathematics questions. This is the reason why we have decided to provide this post for syllabus to enable you focus on the major areas where jamb questions will be drawn from.

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