How To maximize Your Adsense Earnings

By now you should Know what Google adsense is  all about. If you don’t , You can check any of the link below to know more about adsense,
Many web masters use google adsense to monetize there website/blog. Yes, adsense is one of the ways to earn passive from your website/blog. But there are  many things some adsense publishers don’t know about  ( especially newbies )
Getting an approved adsense account isn’t the whole facts. There are many secrets you need to know in order to utilize most necessary features in adsense.
Adsense perform great on sites with large amount of traffic, Yes, simply because, the more the traffic, the more you earn. Though websites/blogs with little amount of traffic can still use adsense to monetize there website/blog. I will this talk about other means you can use to monetize your website/blog.
I’m going to explain below step by step, on how to maximize your adsense earning revenue.
All you need to do is carefully follow my guideline. If you do so, I assure you that you adsense revenue will definetly increase just like a dream.
Below are the guidline you need to follow in order to maximize your adsense revenue.

Step 1.

Ad Placement

Of course . This is one the major factor that can affect your adsense revenue. You have to place your adsense ads on the right place where your visitors will be able to see it and click on it if they wish.
Adsense should be placed  at the top or at the right top of any website using adsense preferably horizontal banner ads.
No reader will start from button of your website/blog to view your content, they must start from the top of your blog/website. You should not hide your ads under your site where your visitors will hardly see it.
Most blogger/wordpress theme/template have header right widget. You should place a bill board size adsense ad in your header right widget.
Another perfect area to place your ads is at the top right corner of  your sidebar area.
How To maximize Your Adsense Earnings
As you can see the ads are perfectly placed and will definitely increase your impressions when you have more vistiors
Another area to be considered when talking about ad placement is under your post topic.
As you can see from the above picture, the text add is perfectly placed under the post topic. There is is a high possibility of your visitor to click on your ad when placed perfectly.
Also you should place another ad at the end of your post, And you should place another one right before the end of the post/main page preferably horizontal banner ad.

2. Ad Types.

There are different types of ads

  • Vignette ads,
  • Anchor ads,
  • Text & display ads,
  • In-article ads,
  • In-feed ads,
  • Matched content
  • Video ads


Many adsense publishers place the wrong add type in the right place. In some cases, Your audience should not precisely know that some links are advert. like in the picture below
How To maximize Your Adsense Earnings
You can see how a text ad was perfectly placed under the post topic. Most adsense publishers don’t know the usefulness of text ads. It has been confirmed that our visitors easily notice banner ads than text ads. Most times they click on the text ads not knowing it’s an advert.
Text ads should be used mostly by NICHE bloggers preferably under their post topic.
It is advisable to place banner ads on the sidebar area and before the end of main page. In article ads at the end of post topic.

Step 3.

  Make ads to match your website/blog design.

This is one the way to make your ads look nice and great. Some publishers use different colors of ads, there making their visitors to easily notice that they are ads. Like in the picture above, I used green color background and white text links in the text ads in other to make it match with my site’s design.
you can change the color of your ads in your adsense ad units.
To do that, log into your account, click on the gear icon at the top left corner,
  • Click on My Ads
  • Click on ad units
  • Check the box of the ad unit you wish to edit
  • Click on the action button above and select edit to change the color


How To maximize Your Adsense Earnings

Step 4.

Use up to five different ad units on each page

This is the major way to maximize your adsense revenue. Other mentioned ways can be regarded as optimizing adsense ads. If wish use more than five different ad units on each page, but I will advice you not to use more than 8, in other for you not to violate adsense rule for placing ads.
Note, don’t place more ads than content for you not to confuse your readers with ads.
If you have five different ad unit on each page, once you have one page view = 5 impressions  alternatively.
If you follow the above guides step by step, I assure that your adsense revenue must surely increase.
I will be writing on how to double your adsense earnings soon on this blog. stay with us, and ask any question you wish to ask via the comment section below.
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How To maximize Your Adsense Earnings

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