How To Link Your Adsense Account To Youtube Channel

Do you want to earn extra cash from your Youtube Channel? If yes, You are in the right place.
In this tutorial, I will explain how to link adsense account with Youtube. After linking you adsense account to your youtube channel, adsense will now place ads with your videos. Once adsense ads is placed in your videos, you will earn money each time people view or click on the ads. All you need to do is to be uploading interesting videos for your audience.

Step 1.

You will have to enable monetization in your youtube account to show that you wantn to earn money from your videos

Visit Youtube from your computer. Once the Youtube homepage loads, at the top right corner of your screen, click on SIGN IN. Enter your email address and your email passward to sign in.

How To Link Your Adsense Account To Youtube Channel


Step 2.

Go to YouTube settings. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page. This should open a small menu. Click on the gear button to access your YouTube account settings.

Step 3

Go to account monetization. Under the Overview menu of the settings page, click the “View additional features” link to display all the available features for your YouTube account. Scroll through the features and look for “Monetization.” Click on the “Enable monetization” link there. You will be brought to Monetization page in your Channel Settings.
Once the monetization pages opens, enable monetization by clicking on the “ENABLE MONETIZATION BUTTON” to enable earn from your videos.

Step 4.

Now the Youtube terms and conditions for monetization page will display. Carefully read and adhere to the terms. after reading the terms, accept by clicking on the “I accept” checkbox button under the terms page. You will have to wait for about 24hrs for your account to be fully approved before you can be able earn money from your youtube videos. You wll receive email comfirmation once your account has been approved.
After Your account has been approved, return to the youtube monetization page. Now you will be able to see account status.

Step 5.

Associate an AdSense account.
There’s a section for “Guidelines and Information” on the page. Click the “How will I get paid?” FAQ there to expand the answer. On the answer text, click the “Associate an AdSense account” link then click the “Next” button at the bottom of the next page.
Now choose your google account. You now have to select your adsense google account ( the account that was used for your google adsense )
The next page will ask you for the content you will show in your videos. Verify that your YouTube channel link and that your content language are correct on the page, and click the “Continue” button

Step 7.

Submit your Application
This next page will display your adsense information.
Fill in the  required information in the right fields, like Country, Time zone, Account type, Payee name, Street address, City, Phone, and Email preferences. Your personal data, such as your payee name and contact details, should be accurate and matching the data in your bank account that will receive all payments. Click the “Submit my application” button when you’re done with the form.
Your AdSense application which you submitted will be reviewed by google, and you will receive a confirmation email once it’s confirmed. Provided your account is in  order, you should have this approved. It takes about 24hrs. Once it’s been approved, your AdSense account is now linked to your YouTube account, and you can now start earning money from your videos.

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