How To Create a Post in Blogger(Details)

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How to create a post in Google blogger

Our Previous Post was on how to create a blog.

If you have successfully created a blog, then let’s move on to how to create a post in blogger.

First go to, login with your Google account details.

After you are successfully logged in, you are now on Blogger Home page.
Click on the blog you created at the left top corner.

You can create multiple blogs, but if you only created one blog, blogger will automatically open the blog.

Then click on new post

Input your Post Title in the first column, then input your main post(post body) in the larger column.

Use the Icons above the larger column to format your main post like

Icon (B) to bold your titles and subtitles.
Icon (I)  for italic text
Icon (U)  to underline text

Note: before you use any of those icons to format text, highlight the text or area before clicking on the icon.  Then click publish at the top right corner of the screen to publish it on your blog

If you’re not done, you can equally save it and continue later. Once you save it,it won’t be published on your blog, Until you click Publish button.

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