How To Apply For Google Adsense Account- Easy Guide

Google adsense Application Procedure
How To Apply For Google Adsense - Guide
Before you think aapplying for google adsense, I beleive that you have a website or blog,
Before I proceed on the tutorial on how to apply for google adsense, I will first what is google adsense.

What is google adsense?

Adsense is an ad network owned by Google. It is the largest add network, and advertisers mostly use it because of its easy way of customization and control.
Adsense provide ads of different sizes and shape, you can choose or customize your ad size to fit your website or blog

Features of adsense

Google adsense being the highest paid and best ad network, has the following features

Auto Ads

Adsense has a good optimization feature known as auto ad. If you are not able to determine the size of ad to be placed on your site, don’t worry Google adsense has made it easy for you with this feature known as AUTO AD. You don’t need to know the height or width of the ad container to make use of this feature known as AUTO AD.
Why? because it is responsive. This auto ad automatically fits in your ad container and becomes responsive in both mobile and desktop.

Easy accessible support

Google adsense makes it easy for its publishers to understand and utilize it”s features through Adsense Help Center. They will give you a step by step guide on how to control and run your business successful.

Performance tool

Google adense provides free and easy performance and report tool. You will be able to monitor your daily performance, and also know which ad unit is performing well.
Also you can easily check your performance report from adsense android app.

Easy customization

Apart from the auto ads explained above, Google adsense also has a feature that allows you to create ads of different kinds and sizes. This feature will make it easy for you to choose a custom ad size. Also you can choose custom ad color depending on your css to fit your site’s design.
Google adsense also displays ads optimized for videos and games, and also mobile and desktop ads.
Is this not great? let us proceed

Types of  Google Adsense

Many publishers don’t know about this. Yes, what some normally do is head on to apply for adsense without knowing this.
There are  two types of Google Adsense

1.   Hosted Adsense

2.   Non Hosted adsense

I will briefly explain them, and proceed on how to apply for google adsense.

1.   Hosted Adsense

Hosted Google Adsense is simply Adsense that got approved through default blogger domain (, Youtube or any other Google related sites and default domain. This type of Google adsense has many limitations, as it can show ads on third party sites and url. Google easily approve this kind of adsense account.

2.   Non Hosted Adsense Account

This is the full version of adsense account. It can be used to display ads on third party sites and url.
There is no limitation in this type of adsense account.

Requirements For Adsense Applying

Before applying for adsense, there are many things that you need to get done


  • Well designed Website or blog or website
  • Your blog must be up to six months old
  • You must be above 18 years
  • You must have quality content on your website or blog.


If the above listed are in place, now let let’s create an adsense account.
Open google adsense site HERE
At the right corner of your screen, click on Sign Up
Fill in your website and your email address then click on save and continue
How To Apply For Adsense - Guide
Carefully follow the next screen until you are done
Then wait for some days for your account to be approved

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