Full Adsense Guide For Beginners

I know you have found interesting topics on my blog. We aim at providing high standard guide and tutorial on our blog to help intermediate bloggers achieve their dreams on blogging.
Today I will be talking about Google Adsense for beginners.  Though I have posted many topics on google adsense. But many bloggers use adsense to monetize their blog, what am I trying to say,  google adsense is a means through which you can generate revenue from your blog/website by displaying banner ads and text ads by google. Google has a lot of partners and advertisers who pay them to display their ads in order to promote their business.
Of course, blogging is no more what it used to be, where people will post about their hubbies and activities in order to share their life experience with friends. Blogging is now a work from home business with many bloggers have used to generate up to 8 figures in a year.
Full Adsense Guide For begenners
Adsense is one of the top known and most used ad networks in the whole world. Websites and blogs with large traffic can use adsense to monetize their blog, also blogs with little traffic can use adsense as well to monetize their blog/website.
Adsense is a programme managed by Google. Adsense doesn’t have minimum traffic requirement before approval, which made beginners to take advantage of this ad network.
If you have a blog running with a good number of daily traffic, you can apply for adsense by clicking the below button




If you don’t have a blog, and you wish to start one on blogger you can use the below link to read how to create on




The below button can help you fic you adsense related issue



Adsense is the easiest way to make money with your blog ( For beginners ). There are other ad networks out there who have a minimum of 100,000 per month before they can approve your request to partner with them, it’s not so in adsense. With traffic of 59 hits per day, you can get verified by adsense, provided you have a good design and quality content on your website/blog. If you are ready to make money from your blog, head over to Google Adsense and apply.
You can generate 6 figures working on your blog with adsense if your blog is SEO optimized.

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