Adsense Approval Procedure – Get Approved in Few Days

Adsense approval has been a problem to many bloggers today.
Easy Steps to get Adsense Account Approved I Few Days
Many Adsense bloggers () have ended their career in blogging due to failed adsense application.
Yes, one of the major reason for starting a blog, is for monetization Purpose.
When their adsense application fail too many times, many of them will end their career in blog.

Don’t be like them.

Focus on creating quality content for your audience, when your blog have grown to an extent of having good user engagement and followers, you can monetize your blog or website in many ways, later I will create a post  on how to monetize your blog in different ways
Let’s proceed on how to get adsense account approved in a short period of time.
In case you need to know the right way to apply for google adsense click below
There are rules and steps to follow in order to get adsense account approved in a short time else google may not approve your account.

Adsense Aproval Procedue

Google adsense is a programe managed by google inc., one of the largest industry on the web today, for you to partner with them, you need to have a quality brand.
Below are the steps to follow to get your adsense account approved in a short period
Adsense approval strategy

1 .   Have a Quality Content On Your Website/Blog

If you want google to approve your account, You must learn and create quality content on your blog. Tell google that you are serious by creating a quality content for your audience. Make sure you have a minimum of 300 words on each post on your blog. Google will not approve your account if all you do is create articles less than 300 words. Adsense is large ad network with many advertisers and publishers, Google looks forward to partner with those who they see to be serious with their website. Creating a quality content for your audience makes google to know how serious you are.

2.   Your Blog Must comply to Google’s Privacy Policy

Google Adsense being the largest ad net work on the web, have it’s terms and conditions you must comply to before you can be approved to partner with them. If your sits violates any of their rule, your Site may not be approved to use Google adsense,
The read google’s Privacy Policy for adsense, CLICK HERE

3   Don’t Use Other Ad Networks

This is one of google’s rule that you should not not in any way  violate. For Your Adsense account to be approved, you don’t have to use any other ad network, that displays ad like google. Even though you do this after your account have been approved, google will definitely ban your account, which may not be raised again.

4.   Have Required Pages In Place

For google to know that you are serious with your website/blog, you need to have rules governing your website/blog. Google have a good reason for doing this.
These are the  pages you need to have in place before you account can be approved.
Terms and Conditions
Privacy Policy Page
Contact Page
About Page
If you don’t have the above listed pages in the right order on your website/blog, I tell you, google will never approve your account no matter your content.

5.   Add Your Site to Google Analytic and Search Console

Yes, every website/blog need google analytics and Search console tool. With these tools, you will be able communicate with google concerning your website/ blog health, and also view reports of activities on your site.
Getting approved adsense account is very hard but not impossible. Try your best to comply with all the above rules, by so doing, you adsense account will be approved in less than a week.

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